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Depicter is the new next-generation of WordPress Slider. It has a high potential of interest for your audiance, since it is new product, affiliate program started on 2023 and you can be the first ones who make money by promoting Depicter Pro.

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  • 30%commission
  • This is a new product and not lots of influencer talking about it already, easy competition
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  • A powerful new product that can sell itself
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What do We Look For

Can you promote Depicter to sell Depicter Pro? If yes, we are looking for you. Here are a few sample of a perfect match: YouTuber, Blogger, Social manager, have a related community,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Referrals are tracked by Impact Radius. All technical details of the affiliate, such as crediting the affiliate purchase is handled by them.
Impact Radius uses cookies to track the referrals. If cookies are blocked (by a browser setting or a browser extension), Impact Radius won’t be able to track the referral and you won’t be credited.

We have a 14-day refund policy on our product. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 14 days.

Yes, we pay our affiliates once their commission reaches a minimum of $200.